TJ Pavlov, Real World Learning Manager at Chicago Tech Academy — The Path to Higher Ed — Episode 8

The Path to Higher Ed is a SchooLinks hosted podcast community that explores trending topics and issues in the area of college and career readiness. Our featured guests are pushing education forward by constantly learning from, innovating and applying their college and career readiness practices. Listen to gain their insights and apply them to your own college and career readiness practices.

Today we’re speaking with TJ Pavlov, an educator who decided his students needed more than just career readiness; they needed to see inside of careers and build professional networks straight out of high school. Hear him talk about the successes and challenges of his Real World Learning program, where high school seniors spend a month in an internship with a local company, instead of being at school. Hear the impact this has had on the low-income community and how TJ intends to make it even better.

About TJ

TJ Pavlov is the Real World Learning Program Manager and 12th grade Social Sciences Teacher at Chicago Tech Academy in Chicago, IL.

About the School

Chicago Tech Academy is a public charter school that supports and challenges young women and men of diverse backgrounds to discover their passions and realize their true potential.

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