Philip Hickman, Using Data Points to Transform Student Outcomes

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In this episode, we talk to Dr. Philip Hickman, Superintendent at Columbus City Schools in Mississippi. Dr. Hickman talks about how he was able to strategically and intentionally leverage data to provide transformative interventions for at-risk students. By communicating our mutually shared belief that no student should be forgotten about, he is able to connect to the heart-driven mission behind choosing to work in education: all students deserve the opportunity to pursue lives that are meaningful to them.

About Dr. Philip Hickman

Previously, Assistant Superintendent of Houston Independent School District over the Academic Services. I work in the seventh-largest school district in the United States with 283 Schools and 210,047 Students. In my role, I lead the following departments: academics, health and medical services, UIL, after-school programs, psychological services, elementary counseling services, state compensatory education/homeless services, and behavioral support services. I also lead the implementation of a district-wide Multi-Tiered System of Supports and district-wide attendance initiative all to strengthen academic achievement for all.

About Columbus City Schools

The Columbus Municipal School District is a public school district based and physically located in Columbus, Mississippi. In addition to Columbus, the district also serves the children of the Columbus Air Force Base military personnel. The Columbus Municipal School District is governed by a five member school board. CMSD’s mascot is the falcon. The district is also the home of the oldest public school in Mississippi, Franklin Academy, which was founded in 1821. The CMSD currently consists of approximately 4,100 students enrolled in grades Pre-K through grade 12.

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