Dr. Tim Bobrowski, Why Can’t We Do This?

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This episode features Dr. Tim Bobrowski, the Superintendent of Owsley County School District in Booneville, Kentucky. As Dr. Bobrowski discusses, the push for innovation within OCSD has been largely spurred by a simple but powerful question — “why can’t we do this?”

This question is especially powerful within the economically depressed, rural area in which OCSD resides. As a League of Innovative Schools member and Kentucky-designated District of Innovation School, much of Dr. Bobrowski’s work has focused on implementing a 24/7 digital learning plan that empowers his students to learn at all times while building the college mindsets and confidence needed to get to and through college. Listen in as he also describes the impact that has been realized in OCSD by switching from textbooks to open educational resources (OER).

About Dr. Tim Bobrowski

Empowering others, personalizing education, and overcoming barriers for students — in a small, rural district faced with declining student population, enrollment, and funding, Dr. Bobrowski has lead the charge to achieve substantial goals while preparing students for their 21st century world.

Dr. Bobrowski has lived in Booneville, Kentucky for 43 years. In fact, he graduated from the school district he now serves in as Superintendent. Dr. Bobrowski has been an educator for 27 years. He is married to his wife of 25 years, who has been an educator in the district for 26 years. Dr. Bobrowski and his wife have two children, one who graduated from Owsley County Schools and one who is currently enrolled in the district’s middle school. To say that he has a vested interest in the success of his school district and community would be an understatement.

About Owsley County School District

  • College and career readiness has grown from 7% when Mr. Bobrowski took the office of superintendent to 84%.

  • The district has 1:1 devices for grades 2 to 12 using ChromeBooks and classroom iPads as well are in the hands of its K-2 students and teachers. The district is also part of Google Apps for Education (GaFe).

  • Owsley County is one of 10 districts in the state that are a part of the District Of Innovation (DOI) in KY.

  • Owsley was one of the first districts in the state that was accepted into Digital Promise and is part of the League of Innovative Schools.

  • US News and World Report Best High Schools Bronze Award 2015.

  • The Owsley County School District operates a fully functional virtual high school.

  • During the 2017 school year, the Owsley County School District is participating in telemedicine in partnership with Manchester Memorial Hospital and the local health department to offer health care services at school for staff and students.

  • 48 students are enrolled in Fall 2017 dual credit classes for grades 10–12 at OCHS.

  • Recently had two students graduate high school and receive an Associate of Arts on the same day.

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