Dr. Ashley Leyba, Developing a Growth Mindset in Students

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This episode features Dr. Ashley Leyba, Founding Head of School at BASIS Independent Fremont. She discusses the power of giving teachers a lot of autonomy and developing student engagement through social-emotional learning. Dr. Leyba is focused on developing a growth mindset within her students and invests families by strategically explaining why her school is implementing its initiatives. Listen in to hear about how the school is valuing skill-based learning with international benchmarking over traditional content-based mastery.

About Dr. Ashley Leyba

Dr. Ashley Leyba’s deep subject matter expertise, rich educational background, and strong belief in the importance of fostering community, make her an ideal BASIS Independent Schools administrator.

As one of the founding faculty members of BASIS Independent Silicon Valley, Dr. Leyba embraced her role as a history teacher and more recently as Director of Academic Programs. Since coming to BASIS Independent Schools, she has always had her sights set on how she can achieve larger-scale impact, which meant a natural transition to administration.

As an administrator, Dr. Leyba’s strength is fostering collaboration between all members of the school environment. “Everything works better as a team. I value an all-hands-on-deck mentality within our faculty and strive to give everyone a voice — both teachers, students, and other administrators. I value open dialogue as it truly enhances the learning experience of an accelerated learning environment such as ours.”

As a long time Fremont resident and mother of a BASIS Independent Fremont student, Dr. Leyba shares, “coming to work for me is not just about leading a school, it is about creating and being part of a community. Success for us in our first year, and in future years, is building a community, it is walking into classrooms, seeing happy students, and hearing from parents and families that they are happy to be here. We are absolutely a BASIS Independent school, but we are going to have such a unique character and I am really excited to see that unfold.”

Outside of school, Dr. Leyba enjoys spending time with her family, reading (though nearly everything she reads is related to history in some way — she can’t get away from it!), and cooking. She also loves being able to travel with her family, and is very fortunate to have a young child who is an excellent little traveler!

About BASIS Independent Fremont

BASIS Independent Fremont is the fourth to join the family of BASIS, quickly establishing some of the very best private schools in the nation. Opened fall 2016, BASIS Independent Fremont serves students in transitional kindergarten–grade 8 and acts as a feeder for its flagship middle and high school program in the Valley, BASIS Independent Silicon Valley, which serves students in grades 5–12.

The mission of BASIS Independent Fremont is to raise the standards of student learning to the highest international levels. The school recruits faculty who are fervent experts in their disciplines and asks them to do nothing but teach the students in their care. It also recruits managers who are passionate, empathetic, and who wish to serve.

BASIS Independent Fremont teachers always support their students. If a student is willing to work, their academic team will be by their side, shoulder-to-shoulder with them, all the way to wherever they want to go.

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