Diane Campbell: Creating a Culture of Curiosity

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Redefining Ready is a SchooLinks hosted podcast community exploring innovative topics, ideas, strategies, and philosophies in the evolving world of college and career readiness. Our featured guests are leaders in their fields who constantly seek to learn from others, collaborate, and apply their own experiences to truly distill best practices in the world of college and career readiness.

Listen in as Diane Campbell, Director of College and Career Readiness at Liberty Common High School in Ft. Collins, Colorado joins the program to talk about her journey in the school counseling world and the innovative ways she engages her students in exploration and future planning. Key to Diane’s success in motivating her students comes from the enthusiastic culture of curiosity she has built at Liberty Common. Students are kept on their toes, excited to engage with a wide variety of guests brought into school to discuss majors, careers, colleges, and alternative postsecondary options (including tattoo artistry and video game design!). Diane believes it’s important to strike a balance between encouraging students to determine a focused pathway while also remaining open to additional discovery and investigation - especially considering the shifts currently occurring in the labor market and postsecondary education landscapes. While Liberty Common will be starting in-person this fall, we discuss the importance of being prepared to adjust and pivot at a moment’s notice as well as the unique challenges students are presently encountering. Tune in for more!

About Diane Campbell

Diane Campbell has been a professional school and college counselor for over 17 years. She has worked at the university level, middle and high schools guiding students in college/career development and planning. Diane is the owner of Campbell College Counseling, LLC, a consulting company that guides students and families through the complex journey of college admissions, scholarships, testing, majors and financial aid. Guiding students to the best fit and affordable school is her focus. She is also the current

Director of College Counseling at Liberty Common High School in Ft. Collins, CO.

Diane is a member of NACAC, RMACAC and serves on the college updates committee for CCHS/College Relations in CO. She was named 2017 CTCL (Colleges That Changes Lives) Counselor of the Year and a 2019 RMACAC Roger Campbell recipient.

She presents at local and national conferences on a variety of college admissions and career topics and trends including: Planning and Paying for College, Affordable Options, ACT/SAT Testing, Supporting Students in the College Planning Process, Creating your College/Career Culture, Writing Impactful Letters of Recommendation

She serves on college admissions advisory boards in and out of state including CSU, Colorado College, U of Tennessee, U of Arizona. She is past board member for ACT Council and Professional Development Chair for RMACAC. She is current Co-Director for KOO (keeping options open) in Colorado- where she provides training in professional development for high school counselors.

About Liberty Common

Liberty Common High School is a classical, liberal-arts, college-preparatory institution accentuating math, science and engineering. We believe a high-quality, rigorous education is the “great equalizer” among individuals allowing all students to achieve mature literacy and obtain the ability to thrive in college.

The mission of The Liberty Common School is to provide excellence and fairness in education through a common foundation. This is achieved by successfully teaching a contextual body of organized knowledge, the values of a democratic society, and the skills of learning. In short, we teach “common knowledge, common virtues, and common sense.”

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