Dave Worland, Combining a Data-Driven Approach with Faith-Based Values

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In this episode, we speak with Dave Worland, Principal at Cathedral High School in Indianapolis. As the leader of a Holy Cross school, Dave encourages his students to figure out their passions before sending them to college. Cathedral High cares about all of its students as demonstrated by offering different college readiness tracks that are aligned to individual student needs. On the data front, Dave is working to determine the the success factors that lead to graduating from college.

About Dave Worland

Dave Worland is currently in his 16th year as principal at Indianapolis Cathedral High School. He attended Purdue University, receiving a B.S. in Ed in 1979 and a M. S. Ed. in 1986. Mr. Worland began his teaching career in the Lafayette Catholic Schools system as a teacher at St. Lawrence Elementary School from 1979 to 1981. Next he taught and coached at Washington Catholic High School (vice principal and athletic director) and at South Dearborn High School in Aurora, Indiana (teacher of English and boys’ varsity basketball coach). In 1988, Mr. Worland returned to Lafayette Catholic Junior/Senior High School as Vice-Principal, Athletic Director and Boys’ Varsity Basketball Coach. In 1990, he assumed the role as Principal of Lafayette Catholic and remained there until June of 2002, when he came to Cathedral High School as Principal. In addition to his duties as principal, he is also on the board for the IHSAA and the INPEA. He has demonstrated the ability to work with volunteers, parents and groups that surround the school. His passion is for our youth, their energy, their growth, their zest for life.

About Cathedral High School

Cathedral High School has been part of the Indianapolis community since 1918. Her graduates number among some of the most accomplished business, community, government, and religious leaders in the state and country. As one of just 15 Holy Cross high schools in the country, Cathedral has been blessed to pass on the values and philosophy of educating the whole child, heart, mind, and spirit in an atmosphere of inclusion and diversity. The result is that today, Cathedral continues to be one of the most diverse schools in Indianapolis. The school is on the forefront of education advances through ongoing emphasis on next-generation learning techniques. Plus, Cathedral has the largest and most active alumni network of any high school in Indiana.

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