Chuck Schallhorn, Getting to AND THROUGH College

The Path to Higher Ed is a SchooLinks hosted podcast community that explores trending topics and issues in the area of college and career readiness. Our featured guests are pushing education forward by constantly learning from, innovating and applying their college and career readiness practices. Listen to gain their insights and apply them to your own college and career readiness practices.

Today, we’re speaking with Chuck Schallhorn, AP Psychology Teacher at Mountain House High School. As a passionate and engaged educator, Chuck shares his thoughts on college readiness through the lens of dual-enrollment programs. As he discusses, dual-enrollment programs help Mountain House’s students get a leg up on other applicants by building the habits and mindsets of successful college students while still in high school. Listen to this episode to also hear his thoughts on the role of parental support and influence on a student’s ability to actualize a vision of attending a college s/he desires, regardless of socioeconomic status.

About Chuck Schallhorn

Chuck is an educator with 30 years experience teaching psychology. As an experienced AP Reader and presenter for Psychology conferences, he was selected to place his course online at Chuck is also the lead author of the Perfection Learning/AMSCO book, Psychology: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Exam.

His career has spanned 6 high schools in 3 states, including his current role with Mountain House High School. As a co-founder and moderator for the Teaching High School Psychology blog, Chuck stays very active in the psychology education community and has written curriculum, activities, and teacher materials in various publications. He currently serves as a member-at-large on the Teaching of Psychology in Secondary Schools (TOPSS) a part of the American Psychological Association.

About Mountain House High School

Mountain House High School, a four-year comprehensive high school, is the first and only planned comprehensive high school in the Lammersville Unified School District. Opened in the Fall of the 2014–2014 school year, Mountain House High School initially began serving freshmen and sophomores, and through the amazing growth of the community, now serves all grade levels.

The school’s planned academic programs aim to continue the tradition of academic excellence that was established by the local K-8 schools over the last 100 years. Currently, the district is one of the highest scoring public school districts in the San Joaquin County, and is poised to become an academic powerhouse as the school adds more programs.

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